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How to add a GE45600 remote

For this guide to work Vera needs to be near the GE 45600/45601 remote.


On Vera :

 Go to the Dashboard > Devices > Add device > Click "Add" next to "Advanced Z-wave devices" > "Add one" under "For battery operated handheld remotes".


On the remote:

 Press and hold SETUP until "LGHT SETUP" > Scroll right to TRANSFER (should be 5 presses) > OK > Scroll to RECEIVE (2 presses) > OK.


Vera will add the remote, and you will be able to create scenes and assign them to a button using a trigger, and you can read more about it here . To transfer the scenes to your remote, put the remote in transfer mode and Vera in include mode and wait until it finishes.


Note: If Vera won't see the remote choose to remove it first and then try to re-add it.

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Comment of Vito Damiano:
The instructions for the remote are incorrect. There is not LGHT SETUP or TRANSFER button. Seems this is be instructions for another model remote. Maybe one with an LCD display. The instructions for the remote say to hold SETUP on the remote until both lights on the remote flash. Then press a number sequence 9661 to Create a Secondary controller. or 9662 Send Network to Secondary Remote. Tried these after following the instructions for the Vera3 to add the remote. Nothing worked. Still can get the remote added or programmed to any lights.
Added at: 2014-02-06 19:03

Comment of Dan:
Pressing 9661 will try to make the Vera a Secondary controller. To make the GESmartHome remote the secondary controller, the number to enter is 967 (see "COPYING NETWORK AND/OR DEVICE INFORMATION TO THIS REMOTE" on page 11 - 12 of its instruction manual). The Vera reports that it failed to transfer scenes and the remote's manual doesn't imply that it can. I would guess that scenes have to be set on the remote manually.
Added at: 2014-08-13 03:28